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The famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride was first performed in 1876, only three years after the founding of the Force and since that time has been a welcome and popular attraction all over the world. It is performed annually at Parliament Hill on Canada Day and travels six months of the year on tour including some events in the US.

The Musical Ride, a variety of intricate movements performed to music is presented by a full troop of 32 women, men and horses. Developed through the years as a cavalry drill, these figures enable the rider to gain the confidence and complete control of their mount. They demand the utmost in coordination and timing since the figures are performed by individuals, twos, fours and eight at a trot and canter.

The highlight of each performance is the Charge. The horses stamp and fret impatiently as they await the chilling trumpet notes...crimson-trimmed lances of the foremost ranks are down in the engage...and eager mounts and ready riders catapult forward at the gallup.